vns9848威尼斯城:INPAC Seminars

vns9848威尼斯城: [INPAC Seminars] Exotic states from π+π?/π±/η + quarkonium

报告人: Prof. Xiaolong Wang, Fudan University

vns9848威尼斯城: [INPAC Seminars] Recent results from PandaX-II Experiment

报告人: Andi Tan, The University of Maryland

vns9848威尼斯城: [INPAC Seminars] HARPO (Hermetic ARgon POlarimeter): a Time Projection Chamber as a gamma-ray telescope and polarimeter

报告人: Prof. Denis BERNARD, CNRS / IN2P3, France

vns9848威尼斯城: [INPAC Seminars] Medium effects on pion production in heavy ion collisions

报告人: Dr. Zhen Zhang, Texas A&M University

vns9848威尼斯城: [INPAC Seminars] Nuclear Symmetry Energy in Finite Nuclei

报告人: Prof. Mitko K. Gaidarov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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