vns9848威尼斯城:LLP Seminars

vns9848威尼斯城: [LLP Seminars] Imaging at the Wavelength Limit Using High Harmonic Source

报告人: Henry Kapteyn, University of Colorado

vns9848威尼斯城: [LLP Seminars] Capturing the Fastest Charge and Spin Dynamics in Materials Using High Harmonic Sources

报告人: Margaret Murnane, University of Colorado

vns9848威尼斯城: [LLP Seminars] Ion Effect on Hydrogen Bonding Network in Water

报告人: Wei Zhuang, State Key Lab of Structural Chemistry, Fujian Institute of Research on Structure of Matters

vns9848威尼斯城: [LLP Seminars] Structural Events during Photoactivation of Orange Carotenoid Protein

报告人: Zhong Ren, University of Illinois at Chicago

vns9848威尼斯城: [LLP Seminars] Panoramic Portrait of Photochemical Events by Ultrafast Raman

报告人: Chong Fang, Oregon State University

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