vns9848威尼斯城: [Colloquium] Quantum Mechanics of Open Systems: A Statistical Quasi-particles Theory

报告人: 严以京,中国科学技术大学

vns9848威尼斯城: [Colloquium] 石墨烯中基于电子多自由度的新奇量子物态研究

报告人: 何林,北京师范大学

vns9848威尼斯城: [Colloquium] The World of Infinite Small and Cutting Edge Technologies ?微观世界与尖端技术

报告人: 赵政国,中国科学技术大学

vns9848威尼斯城: [Colloquium] Imaging in complex media with scattered light, with and without wavefront shaping

报告人: Sylvain Gigan, Sorbonne Université

vns9848威尼斯城: [Colloquium] Topological phases of quantized light

报告人: Da-Wei Wang, Department of Physics, Zhejiang University

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