李政道先生学术成就报告会 | The Conference on Tsung-Dao Lee's Academic Contributions

Wed, 2021-11-24 08:30 - 16:30
理科楼群5号楼300号报告厅 线上直播链接:

Agenda (30’ talk + 10’ Q&A)

Session 1 (Chair: Wei Ku)

08:30‐09:10 Frank Wilczek (TDLI, SJTU)

From P to T to Axions

09:10‐09:50 Dong Lai (Cornell Univ.)

Astrophysical Compact Objects: From White Dwarfs to Merging Black Holes

09:50‐10:10 Coffee Break


Session 2 (Chair: Jianglai Liu)

10:10‐10:50 Jinfeng Jia (SPA & TDLI, SJTU)

Topological superconductivity in TCI and segmented Fermi surface

10:50‐11:30 Xiaogang He (TDLI, SJTU)

Particle Physics ‐‐ Where are we now?


Session 3 (Chair: Pengjie Zhang)

13:30‐14:10 Yipeng Jing (SPA & TDLI, SJTU)

The connection of galaxies with dark matter

14:10‐14:50 Wei Ku (TDLI, SJTU)

Emergent Bose liquid, the next book of the condensed matter physics?

14:50‐15:10 Coffee Break


Session 4 (Chair: Dong Qian) 

15:10‐15:50 Cristiane Morais Smith (Univ. of Utrecht)


15:50‐16:30 John Ellis (King’s College London & CERN)

Which way beyond the Standard Model?

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